Selfcare is not a luxary. It is a must!

Holistic massage in the north of Eindhoven (women only)


A relaxing massage, given with attention can bring you back in touch with yourself and learn to feel / recognize what is going on inside yourself at this moment. Let’s be honest, how often in daily life do you take the time to check in with yourself?

Due to their nature, the massages as given in our practice lend themselves perfectly to women who suffer from chronic stress and pain, burnout, fibromyalgia, panic disorders, high sensitivity and who have difficulty feeling their limits and acting on them. All massages are provided by Marysia.


Why get a massage?

We live in a hectic world where more demands are placed on us by the day. Long-term exposure to this hectic pace, drastic life events, “the fear of missing out” and lack of movement cause tension that starts to pile up in the body. This tension ensures that the body can no longer properly relieve itself of waste. There is a build-up of toxins in muscles and connective tissues that increase the tension even more. The circle is complete… Massage supports in these times of physical, mental and emotional stress.

In addition, we live in a society that is becoming more individualistic by the day. More (professional) independence is expected of you. Working from home and the lockdowns of the past 2 years also ensure that we (instinctively) increasingly end up alone on an island, especially if you go through life as a single. As a result, the feeling of being connected with yourself (you perceive yourself in contact with the other, among other things) can be disturbed. Massage can partly give you back that feeling of closeness, connection and confirmation of you as an individual.


What does massage do?

Massage ensures, among other things, that your muscles relax and accumulated waste products in the tissues can be removed. The immune system is stimulated and soothing hormones, including endorphins and oxytocin, are produced so that you feel better “in your own skin” again.

In addition, the slowness in the massage, as given in “Een nieuwe Balans”, calms your fight/flight response. With every massage, your body gains the learning experience that it does not have to function in active mode every minute of the day.


When NOT to massage?

In some cases it is not possible to massage (locally). These conditions are called contraindications. These can be: fever, total exhaustion, heart complaints, the first 15 weeks of pregnancy or a (transmissible) skin condition/ open wounds. If you are not certain this is the right moment to get a massage, please contact me before booking your appointment.

NB: Are you in an aid program? Then first consult with your treating therapist/doctor whether a massage is appropriate at this stage of recovery. Also indicate this during your first appointment so that we can make very clear from the start what everyone’s limits and possibilities are.


Massage a big deal?

Massage and touch are not self-evident for everyone. I myself come from a family where very little was touched and hugged. Allowing an affective touch and relaxing in it was quite a learning path for me as well. During the massages I tune in to what is feasible for you at that moment. Do you notice that you too want to take steps in this, but you find it scary to lie half undressed on the table? Then book a dressed massage. In this session we can work with holistic pulsing, foot massage, reiki and or polarity and cranio technics. Sometimes it can be quite a revelation when someone just holds your feet for a while. I look forward to our joint exploration. Are you currently in treatment by a psychologist? Then first discuss with him / her whether this is the right time.


Booking a massage in Eindhoven

Because I am difficult to reach by phone, I use the online booking program: Calendly (book here). This way you can see for yourself which time slots suit you best and reserve this spot. You can plan three months in advance.

The basis for every massage is holistic massage where the client is seen as a totallity. A physical complaint doesn’t just drop out of the sky. What is the reason that this symptome is showing up right now? Am I taking too little off time? Do I give myself the same space and compassion as I give the people around me? Or where in my body do I feel this feeling of stress, anxiety or tireredness? Can I feel it in my back, my legs? Do I even feel my feet? Those are the regions of the body we are going to focus on.

Within the holistic masssage I use elements from:

  • Craniosacral work (relaxing the fascia, organs and the mind)
  • Cupping ( to enhance bloodflow and removal of toxines in the tissues)
  • Reiki (energy ttransfer)
  • Hot Herbal Stamp Massage (get rid of toxins, warms up the muscels)
  • Holistic Pulsing (rocking the body to help to let go of tension)
  • Polarity massage (improve energy flow in the body)
  • Fibro massage (special approach for people with fibromyalgia)



The following rates apply to all massages from September 1st 2023:

  • 1 hour: €50
  • 1,5 hours: €72
  • A surcharge of € 8 applies for the herbal stamp massage due to materials
  • Students get a €5 discount per session. Don’t forget to bring along your student card.
  • Massage package (5×1 hour = €225 / 5×1.5 hours = €335, valid for six months): planning and payment at the first appointment.
  • Discounts and promotions cannot be combined.
  • My treatments are not eligible for reimbursement by your health insurance. This way I also keep the massages affordable for people who do not have additional insurance.



Of course something can always come up. In that case, I would like to ask you to contact me in time (at least 24 hours in advance). Cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment and no-shows will be charged in full. Are you canceling because of corona-like complaints? Then we move the appointment and the missed session will not be invoiced.

The general terms and conditions and the privacy statement apply to all massages.


NB: Do you have a complaint about the treatment? Please do not hesitate to contact me. In the unlikely event that we cannot resolve it together, I can refer you to the complaints officer of Quasir and the disputes committee of Stichting Zorggeschil. This means that this practice meets the requirements of the wkkgz.



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